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Optimisation and extension of the composting plant at the Mechernich central landfill

Description of the project:
The Euskirchen district has been operating a composting plant for biowaste from separated household collection as well as for private, municipal and commercial green waste at the former Mechernich landfill site since the mid-90s.


In 2001, the composting process was converted from open box composting to tunnel composting, consisting of 10 decomposition tunnels designed for a throughput of 26,600 t/a. The conversion also included the renovation of the structure and the reorganisation of the operational processes in order to optimise the emissions situation as well as replanning the hall ventilation.


In 2005, the Euskirchen district decided to extend the composting plant by 5 decomposition tunnels to optimise the operation. The 5 new decomposition tunnels were integrated into the plant by extending the existing intensive decomposition hall.


The extension of the decomposition technology had to be performed under the following conditions:

  • The work on the extension measures had to be organised so that unavoidable downtimes to the ongoing operation of the composting plant were kept to a minimum
  • Existing ventilation and water technology systems had to be integrated

As individual processing technology modules in the composting plant had also reached the end of their useful lives, the processing technology in the existing delivery and processing hall was converted using mobile processing technology.


As a result of the limited space available at the location, a stacking basin in the vicinity, in which leachate from the landfill area is temporarily stored, had to be converted prior to implementing the extension measures for the composting plant.


All of these measures were implemented by calling for tenders for the following lots:

  • Structural engineering
  • Decomposition technology
  • Machine technology
  • Mobile technology
  • Conversion of the stacking section


pbo services:

  1. Approval and detailed planning, tendering, support during the structural engineering and process technology awarding process (HOAI LP 1 - 7 (HOAI = Fee Structure for Architects and Engineers))
  2. Coordination of experts (subsoil, noise, odour, fire protection)
  3. Local construction monitoring
  4. Acceptance support

All services were provided for the construction (civil engineering, infrastructure) and process technology.



Construction costs:

Initial construction measures:

  • Structural engineering and decomposition technology approx. EUR 4.4 million


  • Structural engineering approx. EUR 670,000
  • Decomposition technology approx. EUR 1.2 million
  • Machine technology approx. EUR 320,000
  • Mobile technology approx. EUR 490,000
  • Conversion of the stacking section approx. EUR 200,000


Implementation period:
Initial construction measures 1999 - 2001
Extension 2005 - 2006


Euskirchen district


Mr. Witt
Euskirchen district
Jülicher Ring 32
53879 Euskirchen