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Leppe fermentation and composting plant, on-site construction supervision

Description of the project:

The Bergische Abfallwirtschaftsverband (BAV) operates a waste disposal center at the location Lindlar-Remshagen. Over the course of its operation, the center has continuously expended its portfolio by adding different facilities in the range of waste management and circular economy. One of those facilities is the fermentation and composting plant Leppe (VKL), which is operated by AVEA Entsorgungsbetriebe GmbH & Co. KG.

Due to increasing amounts of waste, the VKL needed to be expended. Hence, a stand-alone tunnel composting plant has been built, enhancing the annual treatment capacity from 55.000 to 75.000 metric tons.

The new plant consists of a closed area for unloading and storage, a directly attached hall for mechanical processing of the bio-waste and 8 composting tunnels. The disinfection and the rotting process of biodegradable waste takes place in composting tunnels. A scrubber and a closed biofilter are cleaning the exhaust air of the tunnels and the hall. The cleaned air is released through a chimney.

After rotting in the tunnels, a star screen removes coarse impurities of the compost (post-processing). Conveyor belts transport the compost to an existing storage hall. In another existing hall, a new fine processing unit for compost has been built. This unit consist of an overbelt magnetic separator, a flip-flow screen and a windshifter (drum classifier).

pbo carried out the planning of the composting as well as the post- and fine processing. It included the civil engineering and infrastructure planning (site preparation, terrain profiling, drainage, asphalt works, etc.).


Key project data:

Increase in capacity of the fermentation and composting plant from 35,000 t/a to 55,000 t/a with the following measures:

  • Treatment capacity: 27.000 t/a
  • Pre-processing with slow speed shredder
  • 8 composting tunnels filled and emptied by wheel loader
  • Attic with ventilation technology, rainwater retention and storage basins
  • Closed biofilter with chimney
  • Post-processing with feeding hopper and star screen
  • Fine processing: overbelt magnetic separator, flip-flop screen and windshifter
  • Control room, storage unit, transformer station and electric room


pbo services:

On-site construction supervision services for:

  1. Basic evaluation
  2. Preliminary planning
  3. Draft planning
  4. Approval planning
  5. Preparation of tendering
  6. Contributing to tendering
  7. Construction supervision
  8. Site managment
  9. Trial operation support


Implementation period:

November 2014 to Feburary 2019



BAV - Bergischer Abfallwirtschaftsverband

Braunswerth 1 – 3

51766 Engelskirchen





Mr. Hermann-Josef Peeters-Bonnen

AVEA Entsorgungsbetriebe GmbH & Co. KG

Braunswerth 1 – 3

51766 Engelskirchen