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REMEX Minerals Singapore

Description of the project:

REMEX Minerals Singapore Pte Ltd is operating a bottom ash processing plant in Singapore since middle of 2015. After basic engineering in 2014 pbo was commissioned to the preparation of the tendering process for screening, separation and plant technology. It includes the preparation of the tender documents and inspection of the construction planning.

The plant is construed to process 650.000 tons of bottom ash per year. The processing is designed to recover most of the ferrous and nonferrous metals. The plant includes four screens, eight magnetic separators and eight eddy current separators. The challenges of climatic and regional influences in Singapore had to be regarded with special consideration.

Key project data:    

throughput up to 180 t/h    

  • 4  screens
  • 8  magnetic separators
  • 8  eddy current separators

pbo services:

  1. Preparation of tendering documents
  2. Participation in awarding
  3. Inspection oft he construction planning

Implementation period:
April to December 2014    


REMEX Minerals Singapore Pte Ltd.


Herr Autenrieth
REMEX Minerals Singapore Pte Ltd
Hamburger Str. 6 // 40221 Düsseldorf // Germany
T + 49 211 93011-47 // M + 49 151 11609992

tim.autenrieth@remex.de // remex.de