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Waste management
From waste analysis to site study – waste treatment concepts for companies and municipalities

Even as a municipality or company, you have to deal with complex issues around the topic of waste. Whereas in the past it was mainly a matter of disposing of waste, today we know that waste is always also a valuable secondary raw material. Treated accordingly, they can be returned to the primary cycle. This is done – as is the disposal of residual waste in the most environmentally friendly way possible – with the help of state-of-the-art technologies. We will be happy to create the right waste concept for your needs. This means we…

  • carry out waste analyses, collect data and evaluate them.
  • investigate disposal logistics problems.
  • determine the fundamentals for the process engineering design of waste management plants.
  • create and calculate material flow models, recycling quotas, mass balances, energy balances and climate balances.
  • provide scientific support for waste management experiments.
  • carry out site studies for waste management facilities.