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Residual waste
Recycling, recovery, removal – according to clear legal requirements

Around 14 million tonnes of residual waste or household waste is produced in Germany every year. Naturally, we as citizens have a special relationship to this waste, but its considerable quantity also brings it into the public focus time and again. The following waste hierarchy applies to proper disposal in Europe:

  1. Avoidance
  2. Reuse
  3. Recycling
  4. Other, for example energy recovery
  5. Removal

Mechanical, biological, thermal – three processes for the treatment of household waste

In Germany, the Closed Substance Cycle and Waste Management Act regulates the handling of residual and household waste. According to this, three processes are used for their treatment – mechanical, biological and thermal. Since these processes are extremely complex, comprehensive and competent planning is required. At pbo, we deal with mechanical and biological waste treatment – also as preparation for thermal treatment.

Opportunity and challenge in residual waste – EU calls for higher recycling rate 

Due to stricter requirements by the EU, the recycling of residual waste could gain in importance in the future. Depending on the collection system, settlement structure and waste separation rate, there is different potential for this. Organic fractions are reduced in a biological drying process and separated by classification technology. Recyclable materials can be separated using mechanical and sensor-based sorting technology. The challenge here, however, is the efficient output and the quality of the recyclables. 



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