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Landfill technology
Completion, redevelopment, construction – contemporary solutions for old and new landfills

Landfills are the oldest form of waste disposal. However, within the framework of the European waste hierarchy – and the ever-increasing importance of reuse and recycling – they are increasingly taking on a new role, for example as a final sink for problematic substances or as an interim storage facility for recyclable materials. Thus, today we are still concerned with the closure, termination and aftercare of landfills. In addition, we also develop solutions for remediation and new construction. The topics we deal with in detail are:

  • Basic sealing, leachate collection and leachate treatment
  • Gas capture and use
  • Surface sealing and recultivation
  • Special structures such as vertical shafts, inclined shafts or diaphragm wall seals
  • Facilities for economic gas utilisation and leachate treatment
  • Infrastructural facilities such as roads, sewers, storage facilities and collection points for problem waste
  • Control of landfill construction projects and peripheral facilities



Surface sealing of Leppe landfill


Surface sealing of Warden landfill

SWE Stadtwerke Erfurt

Surface sealing of old Erfurt-Schwerborn landfill site


Gas capture at Alsdorf Warden landfill