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Gas capture at Alsdorf Warden landfill

Project period



AWA Entsorgung GmbH

Task and implementation

In the course of remediation and sealing measures, we were commissioned to expand the gas collection system in the area of plot 1 East at the Alsdorf Warden landfill site. This was to ensure the subsequent operation of waste management and energy facilities.

According to our plans, the gas from several wells will now be collected via manifolds, brought together in two substations and from there transported in suitable pipes to a combined heat and power plant. The condensate produced is collected in low-point areas in three shafts. In addition, energy lines for the control of pumps, data lines for the transmission of measured values and signals as well as cable conduits for later use were laid.

Project data

  • Gas collection and transport pipes made of PE
  •     Steel gas transport pipelines
  •     Condensate collection shafts made of PE
  •     Substation and analysis station
  •     Steel truss
  •     Press drilling using the pilot drilling method to DN 600
  •     Condensate pressure piping made of PE 11
  •     Local heating pipes made of PE-Xa
  •     Local heating pipes made of steel
  •     Power and data lines, cable conduits


  1. Basic evaluation
  2. Preliminary planning
  3. Design planning
  4. Preparation of the awarding of contracts
  5. Participation in the awarding of contracts
  6. Local construction supervision
  7. Accompaniment of commissioning and acceptance

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