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Material Advanced Recovery Sustainable Systems

MARSS – Material Advanced Recovery Sustainable Systems


2012 until 2015


by the EU
Project LIFE+ ENV/DE/343

Research participants
pbo Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH, Aachen
RegEnt – Regionale Entsorgungsgesellschaft mbH Trier
RWTH Aachen University, Institute for Treatment and Recycling (I.A.R.)
Universitá degli studi di Napoli
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Task and implementation

The aim of the MARSS research project was to develop an innovative production process for organic biomass fuel from mixed household waste. To this end, we planned, implemented, operated and evaluated a pilot plant on the site of the waste disposal and recycling centre in Mertesdorf together with our research partners.

The residual waste is dried here in the existing mechanical-biological plant. In addition, ferrous and non-ferrous metals are separated. Due to the low residual moisture, it was possible to remove non-native organic material from the remaining material in the pilot plant using classification technology and air classifiers, thus producing a climate-neutral biomass fuel.


  1. Preliminary and design planning of the pilot plant
  2. Preparation and participation in the award of the contract for the construction of the pilot plant
  3. Accompanying the commissioning and operation of the pilot plant
  4. Participation in the evaluation of the results

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