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Landfill technology

Landfill technology is particularly focussed on the planning measures to close landfills that are currently in operation during the decommissioning and post-closure phase. Based on a broad range of experience and knowledge of the current laws and ordinances, we prepare specific solutions for the new construction, remediation and closure of landfills for household waste, residual waste and bulk waste.
This includes:

  • Basic sealing
  • Leachate collection and processing
  • Gas collection and processing
  • Surface sealing and recultivation across all the HOAI service phases as well as
  • Special structures such as vertical and inclined shafts, diaphragm wall sealing systems, etc.
  • Facilities for efficient gas utilisation and leachate processing
  • Infrastructural facilities (road construction, sewerage construction, backup warehouse, problem waste collection points, etc.)
  • Project management tasks for landfill construction projects and peripheral facilities