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Green waste composting at the Großefehn waste disposal centre

Project period

2016 until 2019


MKW – Materialkreislauf- und Kompostwirtschaft GmbH & Co. KG

Task and implementation

Since 2017, MKW GmbH & Co KG has been operating an open green waste composting facility at the Großefehn waste disposal centre. Through process engineering redesigns, we were able to increase its treatment capacity from 6,500 Mg/a to up to 18,000 Mg/a. In the process, pressurised aeration in the form of in-floor aeration troughs were installed on the five open windrow areas.

Biomass fuels are produced from some of the waste. For this purpose, the green waste is shredded, classified and pre-dried on one of the windrow fields as required. The remaining green waste is first collected on a receiving area and then shredded by a mobile shredder. The material is mixed with a wheel loader, homogenised and placed on the windrow fields in the form of panel windrows. In the course of the rotting process, it is turned over up to twice. Aeration is temperature-controlled. Finally, the finished compost is screened and temporarily stored for marketing.

Project data

  • Total capacity of up to 18,000 Mg/a – of which 3,000 Mg/a for the production of biomass fuel and 15,000 Mg/a for composting
  • 5 windrow areas with underground pressure ventilation
  • Areas for different rotting phases and for storage
  • Trafficable sand trap with rainwater retention basin of 870 m³


  1.     Basic evaluation
  2.     Preliminary planning
  3.     Design planning
  4.     Approval planning
  5.     Preparation for the awarding of contracts
  6.     Participation in the awarding of contracts
  7.     Local construction supervision

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