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Hazardous waste interim storage Leppe

Project period

2009 until 2010


BAV – Bergischer Abfallwirtschaftsverband  

Task and implementation

The Bergische Abfallwirtschaftsverband commissioned us with the planning of an interim hazardous waste storage facility at the Leppe central landfill site. In addition to temporary storage for hazardous waste, this includes a collection point for waste electrical and electronic equipment and a small delivery point for municipal waste. An operations and social building was also to be integrated on the site.

Project data

  • Collection capacity for hazardous waste approx. 1,800 Mg/a
  • Collection capacity for old electrical appliances approx. 1,800 Mg/a
  • Collection capacity for municipal waste approx. 4,600 Mg/a
  • Pollutant collection point according to TRGS 520
  • Covered storage area for skips
  • Covered collection point for old electrical equipment
  • Covered space for small deliveries
  • Operational and social buildings
  • Balance


  1. Preliminary planning
  2. Design planning
  3. Approval planning
  4. Implementation planning
  5. Tender
  6. Participation in the awarding of construction and process engineering contracts
  7. Coordination of the experts for building ground, noise and odour
  8. Local construction supervision
  9. Acceptance monitoring

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