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Recycling centre Mechernich

Project period



District of Euskirchen – Dept. 66 Civil Engineering and Waste Disposal

Task and implementation

The District of Euskirchen has been operating a small delivery station for recyclables from private households at the waste management centre in Mechernich since 2005. In the course of a comprehensive redesign, we should make it more customer-friendly, clearer and safer.

We designed the new recycling centre as a horseshoe-shaped ramp. Waste can be dropped off there from the upper level into the containers on the lower level. We integrated separate covered halls for the delivery of construction waste or electronic scrap. Thanks to clever design and traffic routing, the new yard is now much more accessible. For example, we neatly separated private and company traffic for more safety and offer stopping possibilities directly in front of the containers.

Project data

  • Access to the recycling centre
  • Asphalt or concrete superstructure on an area of approx. 4,100 m² or 400 m²
  • Separation system for wastewater, roof surface water and traffic surface water
  • Delivery via a ramp with 12 containers
  • Covered hall for the acceptance of electrical waste
  • Covered hall for the acceptance of building rubble
  • Social container 


  1.     Basic evaluation
  2.     Preliminary planning
  3.     Design planning
  4.     Involvement of experts
  5.     Approval planning
  6.     Implementation planning
  7.     Preparation of the awarding of contracts
  8.     Participation in the awarding of contracts
  9.     Local construction supervision

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