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Waste handling on

Project period

2009 until 2017


MKW – Materialkreislauf- und Kompostwirtschaft GmbH & Co. KG

Task and implementation

Since the mid-1980s, MKW GmbH & Co KG has been operating a transfer station with an attached recycling yard on the island of Norderney. This no longer met current technical standards and was to be rebuilt at the same location, but on a significantly larger area.

As a result, we planned the comprehensive expansion and modernisation of the facility. In the process, we also succeeded in significantly improving the visual impact – not least with regard to local tourism. The facility includes a weighing building in the access area with one scale each for entry and exit, as well as an operations and administration building with offices, sanitary facilities and recreation rooms. Furthermore, it includes a special waste collection point for hazardous materials, a bin storage area for empty waste containers and a workshop for simple repairs and maintenance work. A transfer hall for municipal waste, a covered drop-off island for small waste and a tank and washing area were also integrated.

Project data

  • Weighing building
  • Company building
  • Hazardous waste collection point
  • Covered drop island
  • Transfer hall
  • Barrel store and workshop
  • Filling and washing area
  • Traffic and operational areas


  1. Basic evaluation
  2. Preliminary planning
  3. Design planning
  4. Approval planning
  5. Implementation planning
  6. Tender
  7. Participation in the awarding of construction and process engineering contracts
  8. Coordination of the experts for fire protection, building ground, noise, odour and dust
  9. Site management
  10. Acceptance monitoring

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