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Bottom ash treatment plant Düsseldorf

Project period

2012 until 2013


EMIX Mineralstoffe Berlin GmbH

Task and implementation

A bottom ash treatment plant has been in operation in Düsseldorf since 1989. The progressive wear and tear of the central screening units and the sorting cabin made it necessary to modernise the plant technology. The goal was to be able to continue operating the plant at the site within the framework of the current permit.

By utilising the available space and technology, we succeeded in optimising the interaction of the classifying and conveying units economically and expediently. With our plans, we were able to improve the grain separation on the existing eddy current separators and significantly increase the output of non-ferrous metals. 

Project data

  • Total capacity of up to 100,000 Mg/a
  • Dismantling of existing conveying and sorting technology
  • New construction and modernisation of screening machines magnetic and eddy current separators sorting cabin


  •     Design planning
  •     Approval planning
  •     Preparation of the awarding of contracts

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