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Green waste composting Warden

Project period

2013 until 2017


AWA Entsorgung GmbH

Task and implementation

AWA Entsorgung GmbH was already operating an open green waste composting facility at the Warden waste management centre on the site of a landfill. In the course of sealing measures, the facility had to be relocated. 

For the new site, we designed a tunnel composting facility with a treatment capacity of up to 30,000 Mg/a of green waste. Here, the waste is hygienised and rotted in closed composting tunnels. The exhaust air is cleaned by a biofilter. This enabled us to significantly reduce odour emissions – especially important because the site was already considerably polluted in this respect. Post-rotting now takes place on the open area. In order to be able to use the rainwater from the storage and roof areas for composting, several rainwater retention and storage basins were built.

Project data

  • Total capacity of up to 30,000 Mg/a
  • Composting tunnel
  • Areas for post-rotting and material storage
  • Closed biofilter
  • Office building
  • Filling station
  • Footprint for material container
  • Rainwater retention and storage basin


  1.     Basic evaluation
  2.     Preliminary planning
  3.     Design planning
  4.     Approval planning
  5.     Preparation for the awarding of contracts
  6.     Participation in the awarding of contracts
  7.     Local construction supervision
  8.     Accompaniment of commissioning up to acceptance

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